Octavia Plach is a model and actress from Philadelphia, but what sets her apart from everyone else in the industry is that she has thousands of dollars worth of tattoos on her body.

Octavia's goal is to not stand out of the crowd, but the reason she has the tattoos is that she would like to make her body a work of art, according to Philly Voice.

She did admit that people who walk by her do stare and may not approve. While others admire her tattoos, they often mistake her for a tattoo artist and even ask Octavia to tattoo them.

Octavia told Philly Voice that she has recently worked on The Daily Show, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and on Paramount Network's Ink Master.

Anyone concentrating on acting and modeling has their hands full, but Octavia is also a yoga instructor, real estate agent and a single mom.

You can see more of Octavia's tattoos and read about her here.

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