Micah Rea from Greenville, South Carolina was vacationing at the Jersey Shore when he noticed something quite epic. He looked up to see a Raccoon scaling an apartment building. He was about 9 stories high when a group of curious bystanders gathered to see just how far the rodent could make it up the building.

After climbing nine stories, the raccoon seemed to have had enough as it pushed itself off the wall. It spiraled to the ground and forcefully landed on it's back, thankfully missing a rock that stood just next to it's landing spot. Don't worry...it didn't die. The raccoon quickly got up and ran behind a fence within seconds of the forceful fall.

Dr. Mary Langford from the Mainland Veterinary Hospital tells FOX29 that raccoons have sharp claws that allow from them to cling onto walls and climb far heights. She believes that although the raccoon quickly took off following the fall, it's possible the rodent sustained certain internal injuries.

Animal control tried looking for the raccoon following the incident but did not have luck. Hope you are healing well little guy!




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