A new survey found that West Windsor residents may have the highest incomes in all of Mercer County.

I'm always interested to see if my hometown makes a list based on New Jersey towns. This time I saw on NJ.com that they listed the areas in NJ that earned the most money. Of course, I was hoping Hamilton Township was on the list, but it wasn't.

The rankings showed that residents of West Windsor Township have a median income of $175,684 a year, and they landed at number nine on the list out of 25 (from the entire state). NJ.com studied census data to reach their conclusions.

Overall, the median household income in New Jersey is $76,475. So if you think about it: the people of West Windsor have a household income that beats the average by almost $100,000.

Yet, the town that takes the number one spot on the list is Millburn township, in Essex County. The median income there is $202,862. Wow.

Maybe my New Year's resolution is work hard and somehow earn enough money to be similar to the Millburn township numbers.

If you'd like to see what other towns made the list go here.

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