Nobody wants to see this happen.

Trenton Animals Rock animal shelter, located at 72 Escher St, Trenton, NJ, just lost its staffing after a city council voted 4-3 against renewing its vendor's contract, according to

This decision left over a dozen animals (13 dogs and 6 cats) without veterinary care, vets techs, and cage cleaners. In the meantime, animal control officers were left with the duty of caring for the animals while the city decides on next steps.

Trenton Animals Rock had been in partnership with the city of Trenton since 2018, and as of September 2021, they have amazingly managed to reduce the shelter's kill-rate from 47% down to less than 4%, according to their website. Before they took over the shelter, the facility was unclean and provided minimal care for the animals, according to Danielle Gletgow, TAR's executive director.

And she's just as frustrated at this situation as you would imagine: “I don’t understand it and we weren’t given a reason,” she said. “I can’t imagine anybody in the city of Trenton feeling confident in a group that votes no to something and doesn’t have a transition plan.”

On April 8, locksmiths were sent to the shelter to lock out the staff members, preventing them from accessing the remaining cats and dogs, which was an emotional scene for the onlooking staff and shelter supporters.

But there is some hope!

On April 11, Trenton Dogs Rock will be letting the dogs out!

This is a promising first step and a great opportunity to show up, demand answers, and learn what you can do to help these animals. Keep an eye on the TAR Facebook as they keep everyone up to date about steps going forward. Ask questions on their page and show your support!

And in the meantime, you can still apply to adopt one of their deserving shelter animals HERE.

Adopt, don't shop! Let's help this shelter survive!

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