A restaurant in North Jersey is taking some heat online because of an altercation with a customer. It all started with a simple door dash order and ended in harassment over text messages and a customer's information being posted online.

The restaurant is called Get Stuffed, located at 2705 Morris Ave, Union, NJ 07083. This event happened on April 7 when customer Joe Stephen who lives in Montclair ordered a meal using Uber Eats.

The story according to nj.com is that Stephen waited forty-five minutes before messaging the restaurant to check-in and ask if they could give him a time of arrival for his meal.

When he sent a text to the designated number, he got in contact with the Get Stuffed owner, Sandy Wallace, which quickly went south. Joe Stephen was really put on blast by the owner of the restaurant after Sandy Wallace posted the screenshots of their conversation to NJ Advance Media.

He was mocking him over text and posted screenshots to mock him some more in the company of viewers on the internet. He said things to the customer such as “It’s rush hour and pouring outside and you ordered from Union, don’t be a d****** b**.”

So uncalled for. He asked Joe Stephens other things such as if he wanted them to deliver him his food via helicopter and other completely unprofessional comments.

Facebook users quickly jumped on board to help Joe get justice and were commenting bad reviews on the restaurant's Facebook page.

Since the incident, the owner has deleted the screenshots. Joe Stephens is looking to take legal action because of Sandy Wallace posting his personal information in the screenshots online.


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