You'll have to go to Nassau Street in Princeton to satisfy your Thomas Sweet craving because the West Windsor location has announced on Facebook that it has closed its doors for good. Darn.

The West Windsor location had only been open a few years, since 2019, and seemed to always struggle to bring in a steady crowd. Not to say it was empty, many loyal customers were sad to see it go.

One local woman apologized to the store saying, "I'm sorry that you had to leave WW. We desperately need good businesses like yours. Sorry our community couldn't support you."

Another regular commented, "So sad to hear this. We love this location and the staff was always incredible. Princeton location needs some TLC, but, we will still definitely visit."

What's interesting (and exciting) is Thomas Sweet's response to this comment. The reply read, " TLC to the Princeton location is coming soon." Hmmmm. I wonder what the plan is. I can't wait to find out. I'll keep you posted.

The Princeton location is the original Thomas Sweet location, but, some were enjoying the West Windsor location for the convenience and ease of parking. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find parking by the Nassau Street location.

I also loved that the West Windsor location was more than just ice cream. There was live music on the weekends, they served delicious soup in the winter, and coffee daily.

Thomas Sweet is located at 183 Nassau Street in Princeton. Thomas Sweet Chocolates can also be purchased at 29 Palmers Square West.

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