If you're interested in throwing your next party or event at a Mercer County Parks's picnic area you will be able to make reservations soon for 2019.

Community News reported that Mercer County Park Commission will start taking reservations for the year on February 19th at noon. There are five county-owned picnic areas to choose from: west and east picnic areas in Mercer County Park, Rosedale picnic area in Mercer Meadows, Princeton Country Club picnic area in West Windsor and Valley Road picnic area in Hopewell Township.

You don't need to be a Mercer County resident to make a reservation, but I did notice the price is cheaper for in-county residents. Here are the prices according to Mercer County Parks website:


Monday - Thursday -- $150

Friday -- $225

Saturday/Sunday/Holiday -- $300


Monday - Thursday -- $300

Friday -- $450

Saturday/Sunday/Holiday -- $600

Each picnic area is different, and some of them can accommodate up to 300 guests. They have amenities like pavilions to provide shade, charcoal cooking grills, electricity boxes, restrooms, volleyball courts, softball fields, basketball courts, and quoits pits to name a few.

To learn more about each picnic area go here and you can make a reservation here

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