Get ready for one of the most beautiful sights you've ever seen right here in our area.

Holland Ridge Farm, in Cream Ridge, New Jersey, will once again be holding a huge Sunflower Fest starting September 24th.

You will need tickets to go...they go on sale next week, Wednesday, September 8th at 10am. Make sure to grab yours...they usually sell fast. Don't miss out on this spectacular view.

There will be 8 different kinds of sunflowers (did you even realize there were so many? I didn't.), including yellow, red, and white ones. After taking pictures in the fields, you can pick them and bring them home or delivery them to your friends, like I did, and bring a smile to their faces. Each sunflower stem is $1.

There will be millions of sunflowers for you to see. I'm not kidding. It's breathtaking. But, that's not all. There will also be thousand of other flowers for you to pick like lillies, gladiolas, dahlias, and many more. It's easy to pick them...there will be clippers and buckets there for you.

Can you imagine...over 60 acres of beautiful flowers. I can't wait to go.

Tickets are non-refundable and the date can't be changed, so really think about when you want to go and check the weather forecast, if that matters to you. I have to tell you, cloudy days there aren't that bad, the color of the sunflowers pop even more. Can you tell I've been there before? Lol. I've taken about a million pictures in their fields over the years at their tulip and sunflower fests.

For more information, click here.

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