Tinder, the go-to app for people looking to date and hookup, has used different ways to keep interesting singles on their app such as the project Tinder Swipe Night. However, with these efforts to keep a certain virus at bay, maybe it’s time to put the dating app away.

With the coronavirus spreading all over the world, concerns have now spread to dating apps. Tinder is now encouraging to prioritize their health over forming new connections during the coronavirus epidemic.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, Tinder is urging its users to use precautions when meeting up with other singles. A notification appears when swiping for matches with a headline that states “your wellbeing is our #1 priority”. Along with the message, the app has safety tips linking back to the World Health Organization for users to learn how to keep themselves healthy while still having fun.


Many health officials have asked people to stop kissing as an effort to stop the virus from spreading furthermore. This virus has also caused disarray when it comes to travel and work. So as you can see, Tinder is trying to make sure this isn’t going to affect your intimate relationships.


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