Get ready because soon you will be chilling with a Tito's Vodka drink in one hand and Tito's Hand Cleanser in the other. Do you think we're joking? We're not.

It was being rumored that some people were trying to make hand sanitizer out of Tito's Vodka and the company doesn’t see to be against the idea. Fox29 recently reported that Tito's Vodka has decided to begin their new creation of hand sanitizer or what the Fifth Generation Inc. has called it "Hand Cleanser."

On Twitter, Tito's Vodka made everyone aware that the distillery is working on making 24 tons of hand sanitizers. In the tweet, the vodka company made sure to let everyone know that these hand sanitizers comply with industry and governmental guidance.

Tito's Vodka also stated that the Hand Cleansers will be given out for free to those that are most in need.

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