A local bakery, The Gingered Peach in Lawrenceville New Jersey was featured on Today with Hoda & Jenna this morning.

Because of their great work in the community. They were actually awarded a $25,000 check on the show. I have more details down below.

I follow the Gingered Peach on Facebook and as soon as I saw this post last night, I made sure I was glued to my TV after the morning show today.

Hoda & Jenna honored owner Joanne Canady-Brown for not only her amazing business but also the work that she does for the community.

Joanne works closely with the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen and donates many pastries and she also works with the I Am Trenton Community Foundation and deeply cares about her community.

The Today Show partnered with State Farm and gave each organization that The Gingered peach works with a $25,000 check. That will surely go a long way.

The entire thing was a surprise to Joanne, she actually thought she was filming a cooking segment. A crowd of people gathered outside for her and when she walked outside, the tears began to flow.

The Gingered Peach opened in 2011 and was under a different name, the Let Them Eat Cake Bake Shop. They focused mostly on cakes, but after much feedback from their customers, they decided to expand their menu and culinary talents, and The Gingered Peach was born.

I am a very emotional person to begin with, and this entire segment made me cry so many happy tears.

To know that a local business and owner from right here in Mercer County was highlighted was amazing.

Joanne seems like the sweetest person who cares so much about her community, which is actually our community. I am a Mercer County resident and I love seeing good deeds being done.

I have heard The Gingered Peach makes some amazing treats, and since I love supporting local businesses, I think I will be visiting soon.

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