This is so funny.

On Wednesday we reported here that Elon Musk, the richest person on Earth, has put an offer in to purchase Twitter.

The billionaire has an offer on the table to purchase the social media platform for over $40 Billion. We should hear something in the days ahead in regards to the massive offer.

Well, here comes NFL star Tom Brady into the mix. If there is one thing Brady would love to erase from his career it's the photo of himself from the NFL combine.

Brady was a tall thin kid coming out of Michigan and his photo from the NFL tryout has always haunted him.

He's just standing there shirtless, with basketball shorts on, not looking to be in the greatest shape.

Jokingly, Brady Tweeted a message to the potential owner of Twitter by asking if he does purchase the social media platform, can the embarrassing photo just disappear?

Here's the Tweet that set the platform on fire this week. Well-done!

By the way, here's the photo Brady is referring to in the above Tweet.


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