Suggesting a settlement, Bam Margera has reportedly asked to dismiss his lawsuit against the makers of Jackass Forever, including Jackass figurehead Johnny Knoxville, the star and co-creator of the reality comedy TV series on which the movie, the fourth in the Jackass film series, is based.

That's according to TMZ. On Thursday (April 14), the celebrity tabloid indicated that Margera, who reportedly was fired from the movie for failing to abide by a contract forbidding drug use, had reached a settlement with the filmmakers — Knoxville, director Jeffrey Tremaine, producer Spike Jonze and the production companies Dickhouse Entertainment, Gorilla Flicks, MTV and distributor Paramount Pictures.

In the suit, Margera suggests the agreement amounted to psychological torture, with too many conditions to follow. He claims it was wrongful termination when he was ejected from the production for reportedly testing positive for Adderall, which he says was unfair since doctors had prescribed him the medication.

Still, his behavior at the time seemed to concern those involved. Tremaine obtained a temporary restraining order against Margera after he allegedly sent disturbing messages to the director, according to PopCrush. Margera also made veiled threats to Tremaine's family on social media, per ScreenCrush.

TMZ showed details of the 2019 contract signed by Margera that stated, in part, that he understood he would "not be able to engage in negotiating a contract [for] a new Jackass film unless [he stayed] in treatment for a minimum of 90s days and [followed] the rules set forth by the treatment center."

It said his participation in the film was contingent on his "continued sobriety and mental health."

A subsequent settlement has not been confirmed by any party, nor its terms disclosed.

Margera, who first found fame as a skateboarder who made irreverent skate films such as 1999's CKY and subsequent sequels, hit peak popularity in the early 2000s when he starred in the reality series Viva La Bam. Margera was also in 25 episodes of the original Jackass TV series, and he appeared in the first three Jackass films. Margera makes a brief cameo in Jackass Forever, filmed before his dismissal.

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