Are  you a star seeker?  Do you love a celebrity sighing?  You have to admit, it is exciting when you catch that glittery moment. So, I wanted to help you get the most epic celeb selfie by creating a list of the spots where you are most likely to see a celebrity in New Jersey.

The Top 15 Places In New Jersey You Are Most Likely To See A Celebrity

We dug in to find the most likely places in New Jersey to spot a celeb. Work your way to number one to see the most likely place to see the stars!

How many of these places have you been?  Any luck spotting a celeb?  If you did, were they nice?  That is always the first thing I wonder when someone says who they met. Public persona is one thing but how do they act when the camera is not in their face?

New Jersey is a hot bed for the stars because of our close proximity to New York City.  Also, I think that the celebs that grew up in Jersey were more able to visualize or dream of working in show business because the city was so close they felt it was possible.  Do you agree?  Here is a list of celebrities that were proudly born in New Jersey.

 Celebrities That Proudly Came Out Of Jersey And Their Net Worth (Because We Are Nosey) 

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If someone rips on Jersey I'm ready for a fight.  I know you feel the same way. Need some ammo for your next healthy debate?  Here you go:

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