Since the summer of 2012, the state of New Jersey has been without a professional basketball team. For many New Jerseyans, that move is still a little painful to talk about. Well, there is some good news being rumored though.

According to, the Garden State may be getting a temporary professional basketball team. Yes, it is only temporary which is all because of the pandemic. We learned that the 2019 NBA Champions, the Toronto Raptors, have had some conversations with people over at the Prudential Center in Newark New Jersey to make that sports venue their temporary home.

It was stated on that this is still all just a rumor.

Toronto is the only NBA team that is not from the USA. All of the newfound traveling restrictions is one of the main reasons why the Canadian team would be making their temporary home here in the states. Canada is not only being strict with the NBA. It was reported that the American teams were not allowed into Canada during the MLB season as well. That forced that Blue Jays to play in the state of New York instead. made it known that the Toronto Raptors have a few different options on where their team will be hosting their home games. The options also include Tampa Bay, Nashville, and Kansas City.

Even though the Toronto Raptors will only be in the states for one season that will still give New Jerseyans a new NBA team to root for. You'll have the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, and possibly the Toronto Raptors.

Now, we must just wait and see if this rumor comes true.

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