These are some of the New Jersey town names everyone seems to mispronounce.

Even those of you from New Jersey, still don't know the towns in New Jersey. Well you might know them. Maybe you've heard of them, or read them on paper, BUT do you really even know how to pronounce them? There's plenty of towns that are perceived as "unpronounceable." Here are some of them:

Hopatcong is said "Ho-pat-cong", but sometimes to the public, the "pat" in the middle doesn't seem so obvious. Boonton is another big one, as it should be said as "Boo-tn" but people often love to pronounce that first "n" in there. Sewell just can't catch a break as it's often pronounced as "Soo-ell," but should just be pronounced as one syllable nice and easy as "Sool."

Vineland also makes its way up on the list as there are some people out there who think the "e" in the middle is non-existent to pronounce it as "vin-land." No no, that "e" makes the difference between "vin-land" and "vine-land." Avenel is the last one to make its way as important because there are people who still continue to say "a-ven-el," but it's actually surprisingly "av-uh-nel."

There's plenty of other towns that could make it on the list, but these are just a few. Next time you're traveling somewhere, make sure you're saying the town right to save yourself some embarrassment.

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