The apple watch is somewhat of a transformer. You can change the bands, making you able to wear it with many different outfits and still look sharp, at least I think so. According to, that's not what other people believe because a Twitter user by the name of Lias tweeted out saying, "Please take your Apple Watch off if you are wearing a dress or formal attire. You look like a spy kid."

I would strongly disagree with that tweet and it seems like many other Twitter users would too. Some people are concerned about their tan line showing, understandable. Others are against it because they paid so much money for the Apple Watch and this random human is trying to make “Apple Watch rules.” Not Cool.

Other Twitter users made great jokes out of it. @Meredithcrappe1 said, "Shoot, if wearing my apple watch makes people think I look like spy kid.... I’m never taking it off again."

Let's be real, if you buy a nice, fancy-looking band for your Apple Watch, which you can find cheap ones on Amazon, it can easily be worn for any occasion.

What do you think? Should you really take off your Apple Watch when you are nicely dressed?

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