Apple is trying to get money from anyone and everyone one way or another. From computers to headphones, their prices just keep going up. But check this out, Apple is now selling headphones that will make you say, "No way I am not purchasing headphones at that price."

According to, Apple has recently released information on the new AirPods Max headphones. We learned that these headphones will not be like your typical AirPods, these will actually be the over-the-ear type of headphones. That sounds cool, right? Something that may be a little more stylish but does a price tag of $549 sound cool to you? Not to me, that is for sure. There are headphones out that have noise cancelation, are over-the-ear, and have great sound for a lot less than $549.

Being on-air requires wearing headphones. Believe me, if you ask any on-air personality they will say that paying $549 for a pair of headphones sounds like a terrible idea.

Okay, but back to the AirPods Max. It was stated on that Apple has made it known that these new headphones are going to be “completely reimagined” and “fully immersing you in every sound.”

The AirPods Max headphones that are shown on the Apple website don't seem like bad looking headphones. They look pretty fashionable but still don't look good enough to be $549 headphones. In reality, I wouldn't be able to tell you what $549 headphones even look like.

It was stated on the Apple website that the headphones will come in 5 different colors. shared a tweet by @shanselam that said, "AirPods Max ARE MORE EXPENSIVE THAN AN Xbox Series X." He is not lying. I would rather purchase the Xbox before the pair of headphones.

Would I want to try them and check out the sound on the AirPods Max? Of course, but I would not pay all that money.

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