Most of America is at home right now due to the Coronavirus outbreak. COVID-19 has forced school closures, people to work from home, and all social activities to come to a halt. The only thing most people have to do is scroll on social media. Many Americans have been passing the time by participating in various Twitter and Instagram challenges.

If you have been on Instagram lately, you have probably seen your friends post crazy pictures of themselves using the caption "until tomorrow." According to USA Today, this challenge consists of people posting embarrassing photos of themselves and captioning them "until tomorrow" with no other context.

Well, let me explain. The premise of this challenge is that when someone likes an "Until tomorrow" picture, the original poster is supposed to DM that person telling them to post their own embarrassing photo and leave it on their profile for one day, or ... until tomorrow.

Trust me, you weren't the only one who woke up confused this morning.



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