Credit: Villa Italian Kitchen
Credit: Villa Italian Kitchen

Do you love pizza crust? For me, it's gotta be some amazing crust for me to eat it, if it's not amazing, I'm either giving it to an animal like a dog, or I'm throwing it out. Yeah, I feel bad, but I know that there's people that will ALWAYS eat the crust, no matter what kind of pizza they're having.

Villa Italian Kitchen, which is a pizza place that is mostly in airports and rest stops on the Garden State Parkway or the New Jersey Turnpike. It's good pizza, it's not pizzeria pizza, I feel like it's more like Domino's or Pizza Hut. It's good though, I've had it many times when I've been in airports or traveling on a highway in New Jersey. The reason why Villa Italian Kitchen is making news is because according to, they're going to start selling JUST CRUST! So basically, if you LOVE pizza crust, starting July 18th, you can actually order a side of crust for $2.75.

I wonder if you can get some dipping sauce with that?

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