Hollywood is making its way to Bucks County soon and you could be a part of the magic.

PhillyBurbs is reporting that a movie will be shot in Bristol this summer and producers are looking to fill some of the roles with local actors. This is your chance to become famous.

The title of the movie is "Waking State." It will have a little bit of everything for the audience. It will be a little crime drama-ish, comedy, and mystery all rolled into one project.

batuhan toker
batuhan toker

Backstage has put out a casting call for four different roles.

Take a look at the characters and their descriptions:

Sammy will be a supporting role.

You need to be female and between the ages of 35 - 65.

"Sammy is a successful estate attorney, clear-minded, and quick to seize on opportunities. Although she loves her son Tommy, she's eager for him to move out of the house and get on with his life so she can get on with hers."

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Tiff is also a supporting role.

You need to be female and between 25 - 45 years old.

"Tiff is a lively bartender in a small town. There are many regulars who stop by just to see her. She's happy with her life but she's begun to dwell on getting older, maturing, maybe drinking less - and rethinking her relationship with boyfriend Tommy (lead) - especially when he goes off about the strange things he reads on the internet."

To check out the other two roles, click here.

Film crew and cameraman.

You'll need to be available July 22 - 27 and July 29 - August 4 in Bristol. There will be some night shoots too.

You'll make $216.00 a day.

For more details and to apply for any of the roles, click here.

This is exciting. Good luck.

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