It looks like a busy pharmacy in Bucks County, Pa. will close its doors forever in the middle of September.

It looks like the Rite Aid store located on Commerce Circle in Bristol (Bucks County), Pa. will close its doors forever in a matter of days.

Store employees first told that the store would be closing "by September 16," and they've since told 94.5 PST and Townsquare Media the same thing.

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We reached out to Rite Aid's corporate offices for an official comment, but have not heard back as of Tuesday evening.

Though, in light of recent headlines, we're not surprised about the closure.

It's unclear, by the way, what will happen to customers' prescriptions at the Bristol, Pa. Store. We've asked for further clarification as well. We'll update this article if we hear more.

The Bristol PA Rite Aid store, however, is not the only Rite Aid Pharmacy closing...

Rite Aid Quietly Closing Stores Nationwide

The news that the store in Bristol, Pa. is not a surprise.

In the company's Q1 earnings call for 2023, the company acknowledged that it had closed 25 stores, saying that more could close in the near future.

Rite Aid Surpasses Wall Street's Expectations With Quarterly Earnings Report
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That has proven to be true. In recent weeks it looks like the company has been quietly closing stores across the nation.

We've seen reports in Easton, PA, East Haven, CT, Boise, ID, and more about stores closing.

It's unclear exactly how many Rite Aid stores have closed or will be closing in 2023.

Rite Aid Is Preparing for Bankruptcy

Meanwhile, Rite Aid (which is headquartered in Philadelphia) is reportedly preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The news was first reported by the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg in late August.

According To Reports, Rite Aid To File For Bankruptcy Protection
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The company is reportedly trying to restructure more than $3 billion in debt. They are also hoping to address the lawsuits that allege the company filled hundreds of thousands of opioid prescriptions unlawfully, The Wall Street Journal reports.  

Rite Aid will not publicly confirm nor deny the rumors of a possible bankruptcy.

“We do not comment on rumors or speculation," the company's spokesperson, Joy Errico, told USA Today last week.

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