If you use coupons at one of the largest retailers in the state of Pennsylvania, heads up. Walmart is making pretty significant changes to its coupon policy for the first time in about 6 years.

This one hurts too because with inflation everything already costs too much. Unfortunately, we have bad news.

Walmart Cracks Down on Coupons in Pennsylvania & Nationwide

These five changes are pretty wide-sweeping, but here are the most notable changes that I found on the Walmart website (scroll to see the full list, I gotta say #1 may hurt the most).

5. No More Cash Back for Coupons at Walmart

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If the value of your coupon is greater than the item's value, Walmart will no longer give you cash back. The overage will also not apply to any other items you purchase.

4. Walmart Will Not Accept Digital Coupons


Walmart will no longer accept digital coupons. This means that coupons scanned off your mobile phone will not be accepted in the store.

3. Walmart Limits The Number of Paper Coupons


Walmart will limit the number of paper coupons per item. If you're purchasing an item you may only use one coupon.

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Shoppers (at one point) were previously able to stack coupons for a single item.

2. Walmart No Longer Accepts Expired Coupons


Expired coupons will no longer be accepted, by the way. They say that "under no circumstance" will shoppers be able to use an expired coupon.

1. Walmart Managers Are No Longer Able to Override Coupons

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Previously, store employees (which seemed to be managers) were able to override the cash register to accept your coupon if they chose.

This will no longer be an option, meaning if it's expired or the scanner doesn't work with your coupon, you won't be able to use it.

We're all human, right? Sometimes you may have tried to use a coupon a day or two after it expired, and a kind employee may have been able to help. That's no longer the case.

These policies appear to be in effect at all stores across the state, so if you're shopping at a Walmart store... be kind to the employees.

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