The entire coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we navigate every day life. Things that we used to do now make us afraid and fear can do a number on some people. I, for one am just starting to go into stores and shop, and my husband and I did some outdoor dining. He's okay with me taking baby steps and I appreciate it. Last weekend, when we were visiting my Dad down the shore, we went into Walmart and I felt pretty safe while wearing my mask and everyone kept their distance, so we got what we needed and got out. I frequently shop at Walmart pretty often, but I never thought to sit down and have dinner there.

I stumbled upon this article on Yahoo, and I was very intrigued. There's a Walmart store in Arkansas that is building a restaurant inside of it that will have sushi and alcohol as well. Now, this isn't sushi you get at a Trader Joe's or Shoprite (not that the sushi at those places isn't delicious) this is a very upscale restaurant going into this Walmart location. The restaurant will also have healthy breakfast options and the beer will be from a local brewery. Interesting.

Now, we already have grab and go places like McDonald's and Auntie Anne's and even Subways in some Walmarts in our area, and I think because people are usually in a rush at grocery stores and stores like Walmart, these food places do well, but will people want to sit down at a restaurant inside a Walmart and have a romantic meal? Maybe? Maybe they'll wanna get their shopping done and then sit down and have a spicy tuna roll and some alcohol because shopping on a weekend is so stressful? Or maybe they figure, hey? Why not? Who knows the logic behind this upscale restaurant inside a Walmart. Maybe they're onto something.

Read more about this new restaurant in Arkansas in this article from Yahoo.

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