If you've ever thought about trying to be on a dating show like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, according to Page Six, there are ways you can actually get on the show. Bachelor Nation is where you'll get it all done, you can apply for yourself or nominate someone you know. The application is only a page and they ask to link your social media accounts and upload pictures. There you'll also find eligibility and contact information. It's really not that extensive of an application. I've honestly filled out longer applications for jobs. The producers will be obviously looking over these applications very closely. Page Six says if you make it past the first round, that's great, but you're not in the clear yet. There's still more to the audition process. Once you get to California, they do background checks, have you fill out medical forms and a bunch of other things you'll need to pass to get your spot on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Check out Bachelor Nation or this article from Page Six for more details.

I'm sure you have some friends that are single and you cannot understand why they are still single. I get it, I have a bunch of those friends. I just do not understand why someone hasn't snatched up some of my friends and married them already. I think we've even talked about trying to get our one friend on The Bachelor to try and find her some love. I know it sounds crazy, but hey, it's worth a shot right. I don't think it's a crazy thing to think that someone you know could actually be on the show. I think more local people audition to be on the show than we think. Could the next one be you?

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