Are you ready for another season of The Bachelor? I thought so. There's a woman from New Jersey looking for love this season.

ABC has announced that the 27th season will be kicking off soon, January 23rd at 8pm.

Zack Shallcross is main man. Remember, he was the one who made an emotional exit in Gabby and Rachel's season of The Bachelorette. He's a cutie. Zack is 26 and a tech exec from Anaheim California.

Here are the women vowing for his heart. I was excited to see one of the women is from New Jersey. The woman from New Jersey is in the last set.

The Jersey Girl's name is Brianna. She's from Jersey City. She's only 24 and already owns a successful beauty company. She's a total girl boss. Her career has taken off, now she just wants to find love.

Brianna lived in Paris for a few years and is looking for a love that will embrace traveling with her to new places.

Fun facts about Brianna, according to the ABC website, she wants to go cage diving with sharks one day (yikes), she created her own language as a child, and she does NOT Netflix and Chill.

Jesse Palmer will be hosting once again this season.

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I've gotten way too emotionally invested in this show. When my favorites don't get roses, especially near the end, I get really upset (haha). I've been watching since the beginning and there have been some real heartbreakers. I hope Zach finds true love.

Set your DVRs. The 2-hour premiere of Season 27 of The Bachelor will premiere on Monday, January 23rd at 8pm. You can also stream the season on Hulu.

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