There was a report on Facebook that Jon Stewart was in the Princeton Target (Nassau Park Pavilion) on Saturday (December 7th).

Now since I didn't see it with my own eyes I can't say this is 100% true, but I'm sure hoping it was. You know how much I love celebrity sightings in the area.

Someone in the Ladies of Lawrence Facebook group said that her sister's husband reported that that the former Daily Show host was shopping in the store. Again, I can't confirm this report. I just got excited when I read the post, and would love someone to confirm it for me. So did anyone see him?

I, of course, was at Target yesterday (Sunday), and there were no celebrities there...there was just a ton of people in every line for the gift card sale. I'm always a day late...remember when I missed seeing Bradley Cooper by a day in one of my favorite Ocean City, NJ, restaurants?

It wouldn't be totally crazy for him to be in that area. Did you know he grew up on Glenn Ave. in Lawrence? Yeah, he did. He went to Lawrence High School (also my alma mater), and played on the soccer team. I believe his dad was an adjunct professor at TCNJ, right? Maybe his parents still live in the area? One person commented that his mom still lives in Lawrence. Who knows?

I'll let you know if I'm finally able to confirm this report.

You can email me any info:


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