Oh boy, are you ready for this traffic nightmare?

The Washington Road Bridge, which crosses over the D&R Canal, is closing temporarily starting tomorrow night (Wednesday, July 26th) at 8pm between Faculty Road and Tiger Lane. Local traffic will still allowed between Route 1 and Tiger Lane.

Brace yourself for what I'm about to say. It's going to remain closed for the next few months. Yes, months. Yikes.

They wouldn't shut down this busy roadway unless it was absolutely necessary. The entire bridge has to be replaced. Officials say the emergency work is due to be finished this fall. Of course, the work depends on the weather. Hopefully, it can stay on track.

How are you going to get around this?  Keep reading....

The bridge will officially close on Wednesday night (July 26th) at 8pm, so your Wednesday commute should be fine. It's the next day when it's going to get rough.

Here are the detours. Pay attention. It can be a little confusing.

From the Princeton NJ Government Facebook page:

Washington Road Southbound Detour

*If you're on Washington Road South and need to cross over the bridge, you'll have to turn left onto Prospect Avenue.

*Turn right onto South Harrison Street/Lower Harrison Street

*Turn right into Route 1 South.

* Stay to the right and take the "All Turns" lane to 571/Hightstown/Princeton back to Washington Road.

Washington Road Northbound Detour

*If you're on Washington Road northbound before the Route 1 intersection you'll turn

left onto Route 1 southbound.

* Take the ramp to Alexander Road westbound/Princeton

* Keep going on Alexander Road and turn right onto University Place.

* Make a left into Route 27 (Nassau Street) northbound back to Washington Road.

Getting into Princeton from Route 1

*Use Alexander Road/Alexander Street or South Harrison Street/Lower Harrison Street.

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