Netflix has released the new trailer for Amy Poehler’s upcoming movie Moxie. Poehler stars as a former ’90s Riot Grrrl whose high school days of impassioned protesting contrast those of her daughter, Vivian (Hadley Robinson). When a new student at school experiences sexual harassment, Vivian starts an anonymous zine called Moxie, inspired by her mom’s past activism work. The movie is based on the 2015 novel by Jennifer Mathieu.

Check out the full trailer for Moxie below:

Poehler told USA Today that she was inspired to make the film due to the changing conversations surrounding intersectional feminism in the modern age. “The ways in which people are encouraged to participate and lend their voice is so different than it was when I was growing up,” Poehler said. “So much of my last decade of activism is about unlearning the ways in which I learned how to participate.”

Moxie mainly takes place at a high school, but it’s not your typical romantic coming-of-age fare. The characters get angry, lash out, and make mistakes. Poehler feels it's important for viewers to see these sides, because it can be “more helpful to watch or hear or relate to someone who didn't get it right" than someone who did. However, from the looks of the trailer, Moxie isn’t a downer. Plenty of moments have Poehler’ts whip-smart sense of humor on full display.

You won't have to go to theaters to see Poehler's sophomore directorial effort. Moxie arrives on Netflix globally on March 3, 2021.

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