Every Phillies fan is still riding out that high right now and Wawa is helping keep up the hype!

Wawa announced that they were partnering with the Philadelphia Phillies and offering different promotions during portions of the baseball postseason. The promotion is called “Schwarberfest” which is named after Phillies’ left fielder, Kyle Schwarber.

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With Schwarber being a fan favorite, Wawa knew exactly what they were doing. According to NBC Philadelphia, the promotion is actually a spinoff of the famous “Hoagiefest” that Wawa puts on every summer which gives everyone a bunch of different discounts and deals on menu items.


Schwarberfest has been allowing people to go order some of their Wawa favorites while taking advantage of the amazing deals.

Now that the Phillies are off to the World Series, Wawa decided it was only right to extend Schwarber fest until the official end of the series while adding a few more discount opportunities in the mix. It's only right!

Originally, the promo would get everyone signature shorti and classic hoagies for anywhere between $5 and $6, which is a total steal. Now Wawa decided that this was such a monumental moment for Philly, they couldn’t stop there.


Now, along with the original deals on shortis and classic hoagies, you can also get those discounted prices for hot turkey shortis and hot classic hoagies.

Schwarberfest is still going on, but in order to get deals on all of the hot sandwiches they’re offering, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow (10/28). Happy Schwarberfest and let’s go Phils!!

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