I cannot believe my wedding is in 24 days! Our engagement went by so fast! We're in the planning stage now where we are basically sending checks to our vendors and finalizing plans for our big day. Before we started planning, I had no idea we had to tip our vendors! We are paying thousands of dollars for most of them, so to me, it seemed a bit much. However, I do follow etiquette, so I looked up other ways to make sure they know how much we appreciate their services!

Here's what I found!
1. Say THANK YOU in some way during your actual wedding. (Whether in a speech or face to face, I'm sure they'd love to hear it!)
2. Tell your friends how awesome they were & offer to be a reference! (Assuming they were awesome, recommend them to others or even become a testimonial for them)
3. Write thank-you notes! (My Mom is a huge fan of these!)
4. Send gifts and gratuities (Here's where the cash tips come in or a nice bottle of wine!)
5. Give credit on social media. (Everyone looks on social media for wedding vendors. Make yours stand out!)
6. Write an online review. (this goes along with social media. People live by online reviews!)

I think all of these can be achieved for all of my vendors. I am so grateful for all of them already! In just 24 days, they'll be working their butts off and I know that even though their services cost a lot, I know it'll be worth it and they deserve recognition!

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