This story just warms the heart... literally.

Philadelphia 76ers star, Ben Simmons, just donated more than 600 new winter coats to West Philly students, 6-ABC reports. They say that Simmons surprised students at the Henry C. Lea Elementary School on Wednesday (October 16).

The students were not expecting to see the basketball star, and of course, they very much weren't expecting him to be so generous, I'm sure.

For the impressive gift, 6-ABC reports that Ben partnered with 'Operation Warm.'

'Operation Warm' is a national nonprofit that provides coats for children-in-need. It looks like some of the students were so excited that they could not help, but to hug the 6’10” basketball player. In fact, Simmons even helped some of the kids try on their new stylish coats. That's so cute.

It is amazing seeing people in the spotlight give back to the community and display their kind-hearted personality. I have a good feeling that Ben Simmons picked up a lot of supporters from his awesome act of kindness.

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