Personally, I think that Valentine's Day is a little too close to Christmas. The reason I say that is because you are barely recovering from everything you spent on your significant other for Christmas and now you have to get them another gift for Valentine’s Day.

The stressful part is trying to figure out what to get because a bear, chocolates, and flowers don't seem to cut it anymore. We all start Googling random things to find out what to get our significant other for Valentine's Day and it is not easy.

We found a website called Coupon Lawn that has a nice map of the United States of America showing what is the most googled Valentine's Day gift is in every single state.

Do you think you know what the most Googled Valentine's Day gifts are in Pennsylvania and New Jersey? It was shown on Coupon Lawn that Pennsylvania is a little basic and has chocolate as the most Googled Valentine's Day gift. Come on Pennsylvania we can do a little better than just chocolate.

As for the Garden State, you can tell that New Jersey residents are thinking ahead and trying to plan something out for the summer with a tandem bicycle. You are probably asking, "What is a tandem bicycle?" A tandem bicycle is a bike that can be ridden by 2 people or more at once.

Coupon Lawn made it known that women need a little more help than men when it comes to finding their partner a gift. We learned that “Valentine’s gift for him” was searched a lot more than "Valentine’s gifts for her."

Some of the other Googled Valentine's Day gift ideas that caught my attention were Couples Tattoos in Arkansas and boxer shorts in New Mexico.

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