Back in the spring of 2020, I told you that the mostly southern breakfast restaurant chain, First Watch, was coming to Sloan Avenue in Hamilton Township, next to Starbucks, but, it looks like those plans have fallen through. Darn.

So many of you told me that you'd been to a First Watch while traveling and it was fabulous, especially the coffee, so I was excited for it to be in the area, but, when driving by the site recently I saw a "Space Available" sign and an empty lot.

What would you like to see built on that space? The possibilities are endless. Lol.

More fast food? Maybe a McDonald's? There's a Burger King on the corner of Sloan Avenue and Quakerbridge Road, but, no Mickey D's for all of you Bic Mac lovers...and those fries...yum.


A car wash?

Five Below?

Dairy Queen?

A pizza place?

Frutta Bowls?

Ice Cream Shop?

Hopefully, there's a plan soon.

The new Starbucks opened a few months ago. It's got a nice look to it, and every time I drive by...or drive's busy. It's PSL season, get it while it lasts.

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