I am so excited for the opening of tulip season in April at Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge, New Jersey. Did you know it's the biggest u-pick tulip farm in the United States and it's right in our backyard. There are some exciting changes and additions for the upcoming 2022 season. Keep reading.

Remember I told you last week that the farm has doubled in size. There will be over 300 acres and 8 million tulips in bloom. Wow. It's always been a breathtaking view, and with it even bigger this year, I'm sure it will be even more incredible.

I just got an email outlining everything we have to look forward to at the farm this spring, including MANY new things:

The parking lot will be bigger. They've worked hard to improve the flow of traffic. There used to be a lot of traffic to get in, especially on the weekends, a testament to how magnificent the farm is.

There will be 6 new entrances and exits, and all will have checkouts. Great idea.

Your children will love this new addition. There will be a feeding zoo with lots of adorable animals. Fun, right?

Look for the new sailboats...yes, sailboats. There will be a Dutch dike display with real sailboats.

If you loved posing on the photo props in the tulip fields, like the bike, there will new photo props to choose from....backdrops too..

Since the farm is so much bigger this year, there will be a free hayride shuttle to help you see everything you'd like to. Plus, even more food vendors. Last year, there were a few food trucks.

Check out this map of where everything is HERE.

Whoa. With all of this exciting news, I am counting the days...although, there's no exact opening date yet. That depends on the blooms and it's a little too early to tell. I'll let you know when the farm announced the opening date and ticket information.

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