If you find yourself googling Columbus Day annually to see if it's a federal holiday or national, like me (too see if I get the day off, hehe) ... It's a federal holiday. That basically means you might or might not get it off and if your lucky, you might be able to make it a floater.

Yep federal holidays basically make things a little confusing when it comes to whats open and not. I kind of base it on if it's a small business or state/government thing ... it's most likely closed, but you never know. That's why this list from nj.com is everything right now.

But here is your Carmen Version ... (it's a little more millennial)

Mail Delivery & Post Office ... not happening, sorry boo that Fashion Nova package is going to have to wait.

UPS & FedEx ... Yasss! It's so open.

Motor Vehicle Commission locations ... Closed! Car inspections too! But ... aren't we so lucky to live in a digital age where their website processes some documents 24/7. Go us!
Federal Courts ... So closed! The government is not dealing with our drama today.

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