Conversations about when the Christmas tree should be taken down is way too soon. Let's not get ahead of ourselves but I heard many people disagree on when it is the right time to take down the Christmas tree.

According to my mom, the Christmas tree should not be taken down until after "el dia de Los Reyes Magos.” In English, that means "Three Kings Day." Three Kings Day is a Catholic tradition that my family and I grew up with. Honestly, I don't mind extending Christmas for an extra 12 days. My mom also said that gifts should be given out on el dia de Los Reyes Magos but she tricked us because she only gave my siblings and I gifts on Christmas.

I've heard that others don't take down the Christmas tree until sometime close to Easter. Now that is pushing it. Is that just being a little lazy because you don't want to go through all of the work to put it away?

One thing that I am completely against is taking everything down, Christmas tree and decorations, right after Christmas Day. What is the fun in that? You have to keep the Christmas tree and decorations up as long as you can.

It also seems like some families keep their Christmas tree up longer than others because it is bad luck if you take your Christmas tree down right after Christmas Day. Is that just superstition or an actual thing?

Another interesting thing that I've heard is that if your decorations are not down by the 12th night you are supposed to keep your Christmas decorations up all year round. In reality that wouldn't be a bad move because you will have the season of joy in your house all year.

But really who knows when you should take down your Christmas tree.

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