If you're craving a saugage sandwich, I've got the place for you, and it's not that far away! According to OnlyInYourState.com, it's Midway Steak House in Seaside Heights! It's right on the boardwalk, so follow your nose. You know that smell when you hit the boardwalk...yummmmm....it's heavenly...even if you don't like sausage sandwiches, the smell is ridiculously good!  Midway has been a boardwalk staple for years, surviving Hurricane Sandy and the big boardwalk fire a few years ago. Apparently, people come from all over NJ for their sausage sandwiches! I asked some friends and they agreed...Midway has the best sausage sandwich around!  I'm going to have to try one, because you know I have a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out). lol. No worries, If you're not into sausage sandwiches, try the cheese balls...they're supposed to be fantastic too, and they have cheesesteaks, funnel cake...all the boardwalk must haves!

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