St. Patrick's Day is just about here and if you're craving for an Irish Potato, we can tell you where to find them.

First, if you think we're talking about real "potatoes," you're probably not from the Delaware Valley.  According to, Irish Potatoes are a candy that is "usually made from a coconut-flavored cream filling which is molded into small, slightly oblong potato-sized pieces. Each candy is then rolled in cinnamon, which gives it the appearance of a dirty, freshly dug-up potato."

Celebrity chef, Walter Staib, told that Irish Potatoes "were first made in Philadelphia by Irish immigrants."

According to VisitSouthJersey,com, you can find Irish Potatoes in Burlington County at JB Bakery in Burlington and Reily's Candy in Medford.  The site also says that you may be able to find Irish Potatoes at Walmart, ACME, Wegmans, BJ's Wholesale Club, or ShopRite.

You can also order your Irish Potatoes online at several sites, including Pennsylvania General Store and Amazon.  And if you'd like to make your own Irish Potatoes, check out this recipe at


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