It's a big weekend coming up for Philadelphia Eagles fans. The Birds are in the Super Bowl and no doubt there are Super Bowl parties happening all over the area.

You know me, I like a party to have a theme and the party goods, food, etc. has to match. Well this is an easy one. The themes are football and the Philadelphia Eagles.

If you want to wow your guests with some Eagles themed food and drinks, keep reading, there are a bunch of places offering all kinds of fun stuff in Mercer and Bucks County.

Also, keep these places in mind if you're going to a party and were asked to bring something. You're covered. You don't have to make anything. They've done it for you.

I'm sure there are plenty more, but here's a start.

I love these green and white bagels from Pennington Bagel.

Marcellos Pizza Grill on George Dye Road in Hamilton is making Eagles green pizza dough and cannolis with green filling.

David Bradley Chocolate Factory
David Bradley Chocolate Factory

Aren't these cool? These chocolate football pops are from David Bradley Chocolate Factory in Windsor, NJ.

David Bradley Chocolate Factory
David Bradley Chocolate Factory

David Bradley's has chocolate football helmets too.

David Bradley Chocolate Factory
David Bradley Chocolate Factory

David Bradley's has these cool smashboxes too...there are treats inside. So fun for a party.

David Bradley Chocolate Factory
David Bradley Chocolate Factory

This would make the perfect hostess/host gift if you're headed to a Super Bowl Party. Visit David Bradley's today.

Carvel in Yardville in Dover Park Plaza is doing football themed ice cream cakes. Who doesn't love those chocolate crunchies? They're so good.

Home of the Bleed Green Limited Edition Vodka, Yardley Distillery has everything you need for your Super Bowl Party.

Italian Peoples Bakery & Deli in Mercer and Bucks County has a lot to choose from. These cannolis looks amazing.

Italian People's Bakery & Deli makes the very popular Eagles bread. There's green & white swirled bread. Perfect for sandwiches while watching the big game.

Nino's Pastry Shop in Hamilton is making these delicious looking cookies.

Piazza's Bakery in Levittown, Bucks County has Eagles fever too. Check out this stuff. Yum.

You could start early with football donuts for breakfast from Piazza's Bakery.

The Caketeria in Newtown, PA has these scrumptious looking cupcakes. Order now.

Summit Cakery & Café in Woodbury Heights has the "Hurts So Good" deal.

Carvel cake isn't just for birthdays. I love these football themed cakes. Carvel Pennington has plenty.

OwowCow in Lambertville have football themed dessert packages for your party.

Donuts from Donuts Time Café in Hamilton aren't just for breakfast. Bring these to your Super Bowl Party as a dessert.

Aren't these the cutest? Carella's Chocolates & Gifts is in Hamilton Township.

There you go. Awesome, right? Order your favorites now.

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