Who stole Wally the alligator?!

Wally the 9 year old emotional support alligator who's gained a wide following in the Philadelphia region has sadly been reported missing. 

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According to his owner, Wally has been missing since April 21 while he was on vacation in Georgia. His owner, Joie Henney of Jonestown, Pennsylvania believes he was stolen.

Henney says that while he was on vacation with Wally in Brunswick, Georgia, someone came and took Wally from an enclosure while he was visiting with friends. Henney fears that whoever took Wally may have released him into a swamp without about 20 other alligators.

A walking search was conducted to no avail, according to Wally's Facebook page.

Wally's dad made a heart-breaking plea on TikTok, asking for the public's help in locating Wally and safely returning him home. He's offering a reward for Wally's return - no questions asked.

Will Wally be okay in the wild?

If everyone's suspicions are true, and Wally was indeed released into the wild, it begs the question of whether or not Wally will survive. Many believe that since he's been domesticated and taken care of for years, he will lack the necessary survival skills it takes to survive in the wild - especially if he's in a swamp with about 20 other Georgia gators.

It hurts to even think about.

Credit: Facebook/Wallythegator
Credit: Facebook/Wallythegator

A GoFundMe account has been created to support Henney in his search for his beloved pet:

"We are fundraising for Joie Henney to help with costs related to Wally being stolen. Joie is actively searching for WallyGator who was stolen from his enclosure while on vacation in Georgia. Funds raised will help cover travel costs, advising costs and possible legal and veterinary costs."

Fingers crossed Wally's returned safely!

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