A new survey done by a company called Ezvid Wiki has found that 33% of Americans admit that they have been exercising less since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. No surprise there, right?

It's also not surprising that according to Ezvid Wiki, Americans have been watching more television during the lockdown.

Ezvid Wiki says half of the people surveyed that are working from home say that they watch TV during work hours and 1 in 3 people who are unemployed say they have been spending their time binge-watching shows.

How Lazy Are New Jerseyans?

According to Ezvid Wiki, New Jerseyans are slightly lazier than the average American because 36% of people surveyed from the Garden State said they've been exercising less than before the lockdown.

Meanwhile, only 26% of Pennsylvanians tell Ezvid Wiki that they've been exercising less.

(By the way, a whopping 67% of people surveyed from Vermont said they were exercising less).


Which states are watching the most TV?

Ezvid Wiki found that people in Nevada have watched 47 hours of television per week during the lockdown.

As far as New Jersey goes, Ezvid Wiki says that the average New Jerseyan has watched, on average, 36 hours of TV per week (up from 23 hours per week pre-lockdown).

How does that compare with Pennsylvanians? According to Ezvid Wiki, Pennsylvanians, on average, have spent about 41 hours per week in front of the TV screen during the lockdown.

And if you're curious, Ezvid Wiki found that 57% of everyone surveyed said that they plan on continuing their TV-watching habits even after things return to normal. That's good news for Netflix, Hulu and Disney+.

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