Grocery shopping is such a hassle and sometimes can be very expensive. Speaking of expensive, Whole Foods is a spot that's probably not the best place to shop at if you are looking to save some money on groceries. reported that back in 2017 Whole Food prices were 30% higher than other discounted grocery stores like Walmart and 21% higher than Trader Joe's, Aldi’s, etc.

If you are on a budget Whole Foods is probably not the best place to go get your groceries but we may have some good news for you. The Amazon owned grocery store, Whole Foods, is willing to do whatever it takes at the moment to get new customers.

According to Philly Voice, Whole Foods is set to drop the prices of multiple food items such as fruits, tomatoes, and more starting Wednesday.

It is unknown if these price cuts will be around for long, but as long as they're there we should all take advantage of them.

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