Wildwood is one of my favorite beaches at the Jersey Shore. The first reason why it's my favorite is because there is no beach fee and you don't need beach tags. The second reason is because the sand is very soft. Thirdly, there are beach bars in some areas. Okay, I can keep going because there are a bunch of other reasons but we will leave it there for now.

There is one thing I never understood about Wildwood though. Why is the actual water excessively far from the boardwalk and the street?

Seriously, it is a little annoying having to walk from where your car is parked or where your hotel is to the sand and then having to do a long walk to set up your beach chair by the water.

Supposedly there is actually a reason for this.

In PJ Hondros Coastal Morphology Journal it is stated that the reason why there is so much sand on the Wildwood beaches is because of the ebb tides.

Just so you know ebb tides is "seaward flow in estuaries or tidal rivers during a tidal phase of lowering water level. The reverse flow, occurring during rising tides, is called the flood tide."

That still does not help us understand why there is such a long walk. Yes, it is confusing with all of these strange words.

According to PJ Hondros Coastal Morphology Journal, "When North Wildwood is transitioning from accretion to erosion, the eroding sand moves south, into Wildwood." Another thing we learned from PJ Hondros Coastal Morphology Journal is that "between 1942 and the present year, Rio Grande Avenue has advanced seaward by approximately 2,250 feet."

So you are telling me the sand area was even bigger at one point?

I would have never thought that I would be complaining about a walk on the beach but I currently am. I am sure there are others that have complained about this also.

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