Is the West Windsor Target the only location nowadays that doesn’t have an Ulta?

I feel like every other location I’ve gone to recently has a little Ulta station where you can get all of your favorite brands like Morphe, Kylie Cosmetics, and so many other things.

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I always tell everyone I know that I swear by Target. You can walk into that store, not intending on buying a single thing, but you walk out with an ungodly amount of products that 99% of the time, you don't need.

Also, when you are desperate and need something specific, you absolutely without a doubt will find it at any Target location. Although our Target location doesn’t have an Ulta, we do have an entire grocery section and a Starbucks.

If we just added the little Ulta that almost all Target locations have added later, I don’t think anyone would go t any other store besides Target. Now that Walmart isn’t in the general vicinity of the Nassau Park Pavillion, it’s really the only “one-stop shop” in the area and I think adding an Ulta inside would just add to the experience.

It’s for sure the only place you could walk and get avocados, a blender, a halloween blow-up decoration, and a leather jacket all in one lap around the store.

Yes, there’s an Ulta down the street in the shopping center, but I think Target and Ulta should just combine and hopefully, we can get something new in Ulta’s replacement! Just a thought!

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