Are Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler reuniting for a new movie in the city of Philadelphia?

Both of the iconic actors were spotted in town this past weekend, and it of course, spurred rumors. But, sadly, it looks like they both just happened to be in Philadelphia this weekend.

So for starters it looks like the Drew Barrymore show was filming in Center City on Sunday. Meanwhile, Adam Sandler was dining in town. However, it's not clear if Adam came just for the food or for a different project.

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Photos shared on Twitter by user @Brimil who appeared to spot Drew filming a "Drew's News" segment for her daytime TV show around 3:45 pm on Sunday.

In the photo, we see Drew Barrymore and Ross Matthews (who kind acts a co-host on the show) interviewing a guest. A ginormous cheesesteak from Geno's is seen in front of them on the desk.

Ross Matthews actually confirmed the news that they were filming the show in a tweet this morning.

We're not sure when the Philadelphia segment will air, but season two of the Drew Barrymore show kicks off on September 13. In New York, The Drew Barrymore shows airs on CBS weekdays at 9 am, and it airs at 9 am on Philly's KYW-TV.

Meanwhile, Adam Sandler was dining at the iconic restaurant Zahav. Chef Michael Solomonov posted a photo of the movie star in the restaurant on Sunday.

"Finally got the Zohan home," Solomonov wrote on Instagram.

We don't know why Adam was in town. Could he be working on a project? Maybe! Or he just wanted Zahav's great food.

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