If the Wildwood City Commission gets it's wish, the beach town's boardwalk could get a complete reconstruction.  According to the Press of Atlantic City, the commission is asking the state of New Jersey to fund the $64.5 million project.

To justify their request, the commission says that "revenue generated from tourism taxes for the state comes largely from the Boardwalk."  Wildwood mayor, Ernie Troiano, told the Press of Atlantic City "“I pray to God, and I am hopeful that (the funding) comes to fruition because there is no way I can tax the people.”

NJWildwood.com says that "The World-Famous Boardwalk, built at the turn of the century, consists of more than 70,000 planks and stretches for nearly two miles, or 37 city blocks."

The Wildwood boardwalk is home to Morey's Piers.  Earlier this year, we told you about how the amusement would be getting it's own flavor of DIppin' Dots to help celebrate it's 50th anniversary.

The boardwalk is also famous for it's tram cars (and their just as famous, recorded warning, "Watch the tram car please.").  Last summer, Fox 29's Bob Kelly did an entire segment about the tram cars.


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