On October 1st, Will Smith launched the “Bel-Air Athletics” clothing line. However, this clothing line will not be around forever since it is a limited time run. So anyone wanting to show Pride for Bel-Air Academy will have to act fast.

Phillyvoice.com reported that the clothing can be made-to-order, or is available in limited quantities. The site Will Smith created for the clothing line has all of the available items on it. These items include academy track jackets and pants, throwback tees, Bel-Air tees, sweatshirts, and more. Items are unisex or women’s wear so there are no limits to who can wear what from the clothing line.

When it comes to how long these items will be around, Will Smith didn’t give us much time. He has given us a two week span to grab the pieces that we want to add to our closets. The clothing line will not be sold after October 14th. So if you want to rep “Bel-Air Athletics,” you will have to buy these items quick on willsmith.com.

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