Halloween is coming up soon, and if you haven’t gotten your costume ready yet, I got you! I’m the type of person who plans their Halloween costume months in advance usually because I’m always afraid to be basic.

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This year though, time got away from me and I’m stressing. I know someone else out there is stressing too, so if you’re looking to get a costume that pays tribute to the garden state, I got you! I was sitting around and thinking about some out-of-the-box New Jersey-themed costumes I could possibly do this year and some of the costumes I found online were making me laugh so hard.

People get so creative and I can’t get enough of it. So, if you’re looking to pay homage to New Jersey this Halloween without being basic, here’s what you can do!


New Jersey Themed Halloween Costumes for 2022


Taylor Ham/Pork Roll

No matter what you call it where you’re from, you can’t deny this costume screams New Jersey! This looks pretty easy to put together, too. All you need is a burlap sack, a poster board and a red marker!


Jersey Pizza Slice

Jersey is known for all of the amazing pizzas we have to offer, so why not pay tribute by going out as a crispy slice?


Any Jersey Shore Cast Member

I was Snooki for 3 years during college and I will keep my cheetah print dress for as long as it fits me. These are the perfect costumes to throw on for any last-minute Halloween party that will still get a laugh every time.


New Jersey Devils Player

This is the perfect use for your Devils Jersey and an easy last-minute costume!

Wawa Hoagie

This is the most creative one in my opinion. I’m not sure how you would get the words printed on a sheet like this or if you’d have to find a friend with a cricut machine!

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