A video of a woman complaining about kids playing in a toy car without a driver's license has gone viral on social media.

The bizarre clip starts with a white lady visibly upset and annoyed that three children, who probably aren’t older than five, are "driving all over the place" in their electric toy car in a California park.

The children's mother, who is recording the video close by, quickly defends the situation, saying "they’re playing" and "that’s what the park is for."

The woman then replies, "I never saw a car in here before" to which the mother responds, "It’s a Power Wheels car, ma’am."

Now, this is when things get interesting. The woman replies: "It doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is you have a little kid in here that doesn’t have a driver’s license. He’s just a little kid and you’re not with him"

The mother, who couldn't hold in her laughter, responds: "It’s not a real car!"

We think it's important to note Power Wheels have a speed limit around 1 to 5 mph — depending on the model — so clearly the woman's "concerns" are wildly exaggerated.

Watch the exchange for yourself, below:

Even Chrissy Teigen couldn't help but wonder if "everyone has lost their f---ing minds" after seeing the viral video on Twitter.

It also didn't take long for Twitter to deem her a "Grandkaren." (According to Dictionary.com, "Karen is a mocking slang term for an entitled, obnoxious, middle-aged white woman.")

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